Our Story

Started in 1986, Providence Christian Nursery School was founded as a ministry under the non profit organization, Providence Ministries, Inc. The non profit was established by Ronald and Barbara Christman. The Christman's operated the preschool for 22 years, twenty of which we were located at Shepherd of the Hills Church in Bechtelsville Pennsylvania. Barbara served as Director and Teacher and her husband, Ronald, assumed the role as President of the Preschool Board.

When Barbara announced her plans to retire, members of Shepherd of the Hills Church were inspired to keep the school open. In 2008, Shepherd of the Hills Christian Preschool was established as a ministry of the church.

Today, it is a completely self-generating program, funded by the student registration and tuition governed by a school board consisting of dedicated church members.

Our Philosophy

​​​Shepherd of the Hills Christian Preschool's philosophy of education reflects in every way a Christian philosophy of life. The preschool is God centered, believing all truth is God's truth. Any truth existing in the universe is in line with God’s revelation, both in nature and in His written word, the Bible.

God is the physical enabler and spiritual motivator for pursuing knowledge. It is God and His world which are the objects of our learning. We look to God's Son, Jesus, as the single perfect example of both student and teacher.

In scripture, God has commanded two institutions to educate; the home and the church (Deuteronomy 6:7, Proverbs 22:6). Parents have been made responsible for their children and have been charged with an educational task.

In partnership with families and the Church, Shepherd of the Hills Christian Preschool will provide another avenue for learning and developing, working toward the total education of our children.

At Shepherd of the Hills Christian Preschool the student's world of learning is designed and planned to reflect not only a challenging classroom environment but also a Christian worldview, a Christ-centered view of life.

The educational process will teach the whole child - spiritually, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Each child is to be educated as one with unique abilities, qualities, and personality.

​At Shepherd of the Hills Christian Preschool we will encourage learning that contributes to total Christian development.

Our Team

  • Charles Rowdon

    Charles came to Shepherd in June of 2017 to serve as our Executive Pastor. Beginning in August of 2018 he took on the role of director for the preschool. 

    Charles holds a Bachelor's degree in Christian ministry and has an extensive history with youth.  Charles grew up in an Air Force home and was raised in a home dedicated to serving others, an experience that positions him well to care for the needs of the church. 

  • Leigh Ann Coldsmith

    Leigh Ann has a heart for children and felt called to serve in at Shepherd of the Hills Christian Preschool as the classroom assistant when the became available, fall of 2021.  With enthusiasm, she joined the team as a firm believer in Isaiah 54:13 wherein we, as believers, are called upon to instruct God’s children according to His statutes, and, in return, they will be blessed with His peace. Leigh Ann has also recently returned to school in hopes of assisting exceptional children and families in a ministerial setting. 
  • Abby Feverston

    Abby Feverston is the teacher of our preschool and greatly enjoys teaching the kids about the love of Jesus and helping them learn the fundamentals of education. She has a great love for Christ and for the children and is looking forward to teaching and helping the kids grow in Christ.

  • Karen Parke

    Karen Parke is our classroom assistant as well as a longtime member of Shepherd of the Hills. When the opportunity to work in the preschool appeared she gladly accepted the position. She loves working with children and serves well assisting in whatever way is needed.